this start-up sells motorsport, motorbike and scooter helmets which are highly customizable, allowing the customer nearly complete design freedom.

helmade is revolutionizing the helmet buying process through personalization and digital brand experience. this e-commerce site was designed and built utilizing webgl and magento technologies to deliver photorealistic web-based product configuration, performant on any device.

digital product experience

the site has 3 different helmet categories — motorsport, motorbike and scooter. for each category the user is intuitively navigated through the respective customization flow. a white helmet serves as the starting point in the configurator where nearly every detail can be adjusted including paint, trim, finish and visor. all helmets are crafted as they are ordered which required the 3d models be as true to life as possible to manage customer expectation.

distinct products and unique target audiences

each category offers its own respective product experience with uniformity in brand voice. motorsport, motorbike and scooter product ranges alike are uniquely celebrated with brand consistency. bold, fast and fun define the content and ux strategy as well as visual and motion elements.

product experience and cross-device performance

webgl delivers the base 3d model wireframes seamlessly across platforms and form factors. the supportive textures and shaders, matched to actual paint production colors, are then applied. now hundreds of design variations can be expressed utilizing a low-poly, webgl approach for truly authentic, photorealistic base, matte and glossy product representation.

concept evolution

we supported this start-up from brand development to final digital expression. to ensure that the individual character of the brand was accurately captured and uniformly portrayed we undertook everything from art direction and video post-production to the integration of accessories. distinct brand voice, deep product customization and individual expression are at the core of this consumer experience. 

agency: demodern

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