this virtual reality based catalog allows customers to explore a vast range of products and services via the convenience of their smartphones.

this samsung gear vr app offers a relational notion of product and interior. the product is further complemented with simple interactions and rich environments composed of photorealistic 3d renderings. interactions are driven by head position and the touch panel of the virtual reality headset .

Simple interactions

customers can tailor many facets of the environment including time, product, color, textile, and sound. gentle movement and subtle animation with seamless transitions prevent motion sickness and immerse the consumer. iterative prototypes and constant user testing gave feedback in real-time, both validating the concept and ensuring success.

design and interface

the 360° room views are designed by architect Peter Fehrentz and crafted in 3d. particular attention is given to realistic benchmarks like lighting, reflection and textile elements. these beautiful interiors paired with simple, contextualized interface elements define this next generation shopping experience - forever changing the landscape of the catalog. 

just as this case highlights home furnishings, the loftshift platform translates to other consumer needs by conveying a complete sense of goods and services through an immersive experience.

agency: demodern

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