a cross-platform app which digitizes, files and translates handwritten notes and sketches at the touch of a button.

in close cooperation with the client we crafted an app that scales seamlessly between the smartphone and tablet. now luxury customers have the option to digitize, edit, translate, and share their handwritten notes with a simple touch.

from analog to digital

this intuitive and easy to understand app was designed for latest phones and tablets. our focus was on understanding, designing and developing against the varied digital use cases for a high-quality analog based product.

an elegant and seamless onboarding experience connects personal device, montblanc hub and starwalker pen. the starwalker ballpoint writing instrument continually captures user output and utilizes bluetooth to transmit its data to the augmented paper app. the need for complicated workarounds such as scanning or transcribing have been eliminated.

luxury customers are now able to take notes in a natural manner and digitize them for editing, categorizing, translating and sharing. the hub app pairs the enjoyment of a natural montblanc writing experience on real paper with the efficiency of digitizing work across. start on paper and continue anywhere.


agency: demodern

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