Bold, beautiful touchscreen displays for Nike Berlin's flagship store.

In one of my more challenging projects, I was on the team that built three customized, touchscreen terminals where store visitors could explore, interact with and purchase the full range of Nike gear. Focus groups and user analysis validated our concept, and told us what today's consumers are really looking for.

Each terminal had a custom technical stack, integrated with the existing store's ERP catalog and ecommerce shop to give shoppers real-time product availability. We used Unity, a game engine rather than a web solution, to guarantee high performance, rich graphics and overall stability. Backgrounds, animations and videos performed in Ultra-HD with 4k resolution.

The free store wifi acted as a gateway to connect smartphones and terminals. Purchasing and sharing could now take place via the consumer's mobile device. And store visitors could use their smartphones to access a captive portal which integrated flawlessly with the retailer's mobile phone app. Once connected, a simple shake of the device is all it takes to receive terminal content.

Some days, over a thousand interactions took place, mostly in groups of three or more.

Immersive Campaigns

A giant, ultra high-def, multi-touch wall was installed to give shoppers an interactive way to view Nike campaigns, products and live updates. This wall served as an aggregate for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube complete with rankings and scores from international and local soccer teams. Customers simply shook their phones to push this media rich content onto their device. They could even leave a selfie.

Endless Aisles

A big hit was the replica kiosk with its 65" touch display. Football fans used it to find, customize and order favorite Nike team products. Availability is shown in real-time for both in-store and web purchases. Online orders are made on the customer's smartphone via mobile-connect while store purchases are expedited via a connection to the cash desk. Terminal analytics tell Nike which items to keep on hand. Ultimately the goal was to help Nike optimize the local store area as floor space is limited.

Playful Discovery

Our third terminal was a 65'' interactive, multi-touch screen that detailed and compared Nike products, complete with real-time availability. This terminal displayed videos, league statistics and product galleries. We paired up RFID technology and 3D cameras to support user interactions, UI positioning and product detection.

This project bridges two retail worlds that have been oddly separated – the physical and digital. It showed me what's possible when you think holistically. We built a window on the next generation of retail, offering customers a meaningful, fun and seamless journey.


Adobe Cutting Edge Award
Gold Annual Multimedia Award 2016
Eurobest 2015 Innovation Award
Eurobest 2015 Interactive Award
Ecommerce News Magazine
Design Made in Germany
Page Magazine