a effortless integration between the physical, digital and mobile shopping experience was designed and built for nike berlin - in just 90 days.

seeking digital excellence in both customer front-end and technical backend, we created new interactions and standards while expanding on product details and assortment with real-time availability. we delivered these experiences through leading edge technology and an adaptive environment which follows the consumer on their journey. 

the result? three customized, touchscreen terminals that expanded the brand experience with product information and online purchasing options. focus groups and user analysis went on to validate our concept while strengthening insight into today's consumer expectations.

concept and technology in harmony

the key technical task was to develop and install three standalone terminals, communicating via an underlying middleware and server infrastructure – within just three months. each terminal has a custom technical stack, integrated with the existing store's erp catalog and ecommerce shop to give shoppers real-time product availability. design and development in unity, a game engine rather than a web solution, guarantees high performance, rich graphics and overall stability. backgrounds, animations and videos perform in Ultra-HD with 4k resolution.

media wall

a giant, ultra high-def, multi-touch wall was installed to give shoppers an interactive way to view nike campaigns, products and live updates from facebook, instagram and youtube, along with rankings and scores from international and local soccer teams. customers can easily push this media rich content to their smartphones. to make the experience more engaging, customers are encouraged to leave their mark by taking a selfie which is instantaneously discoverable through a custom hashtag.

mobile connect

the value proposition for the key target group of football-orientated teenagers is the free wifi which helps to make extensive use of the terminals. on busy days, more than 1,000 interactions take place, mostly in groups of three or more. for purchasing and sharing via the customer's mobile device we developed the mobile-connect feature. store visitors use their smartphones to access mobile-connect via a captive portal, which integrates flawlessly with the retailer's mobile phone app. once connected a simple shake of the device is all it takes to receive content.

replica kiosk

nike football (soccer) fans loved the digital retail kiosk with its 65" touch display. they used it to find, customize and order their favorite nike team products. availability is shown in real-time for both in-store and web purchases. online orders are made on the customer's smartphone via mobile-connect, while in-store purchases are expedited via a connection to the cash desk. terminal analytics tell nike what stock is kept on-hand and ultimately how to improve  efficiency. this helps to broaden the available assortment while making better use of the local store area.

nike bootroom

our third terminal was an 65'' interactive, multi-touch screen that compares nike products complete with real-time availability informed by the ERP system. the installation featured product videos, league statistics and shoe line-ups. we use rfid technology paired with 3d-cameras to support user interaction, ui positioning and product detection.

next generation retail experience

this project closes the gap between two retail worlds that have been separated for far too long – physical and digital. a holistic and seamless customer experience is one crafted of an omni-channel strategy, considering store, mobile and online shopping experiences. it opens the door to a new generation of retail, bringing together new features, tools and content, while easing maintenance and increasing sell-through. and it’s an opportunity to give customers the simple, informative and fun experiences they deserve when they walk into a store. a seamless, fully integrated omni-channel, user-connected retail journey.


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